Looking for Talent?

Looking for Talent?

What makes Teklibrium stand different from others?

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork - key to the success of your company is your team. In finding the right IT talent well worth your time -- and our effort, it makes an investment that is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations.

As the number of tech positions is expected to grow over the years, there will be competition to acquire a skilled job candidate. Our mission is not only to hand pick the best in IT candidates, but also to match an individual's personality and professionalism to your company's specific needs.

The Teklibrium 5 start Recruiting Process-this is what sets us apart from others !

We focus on helping our clients grow through talent acquisition and placement. We do this by identifying, locating and evaluating only top 20% of talent in the workforce. We then show our clients how to enhance benefit offerings to not only attract industry leaders, but also retain them.

We start with our exclusive 5 Star recruitment process that ensures a thorough understanding of you/your initiatives, your culture and your goals. Our motive is to connect you with the IT professional that meets your unique needs. It's our commitment to maintaining involvement throughout the project that contributes to a successful partnership. Our clients tell us this is what sets Teklibrium apart. Below is a summary break down of our 5 star process-

Analysis and Understanding the requirement (One of our Technical Recruiters or our Tech-screener will do this)-- we will ask you to list your mandatory technical skills and personality skills that you need in your candidate> we then give your requirement to our "technically aligned" recruiter who has expertise and pipelined database of those type of skills-- this specialty recruiter will then source the candidate using our internal database of resumes, job boards and social media using various techniques including X-ray, social sprint, and Boolean searches> once the candidate is identified we go over their work history, Tech-screen them using one way video or Skype or Phone screen and shortlist 2-3 good candidates per your requirements> we then get their references and all legal work authorization information>and once we have all this extensive and detailed information, we fill out a submission table along with a skill table (all mandatory skills and their experience level in each will be shown here, including communication) and then the best resume profile will be sent to you.

We work the way you want us to work

Teklibrium connects you with high quality professionals. That includes contractors, contract-to-hire and even direct placement. We place our candidates on a variety of projects such as:

  • Software development

  • Technical support

  • Project management

  • Business intelligence

  • Network and system engineering

  • Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Auto, Civil Engineering

Why Teklibrium ?

Relationships are at the center of what we do. Creating the perfect match between our clients and our consultants is only possible because of the relationship we have with both. We pride ourselves on making connections and maintaining relationships with our clients and consultants/contractors. A successful partnership is only as strong as the relationship built. When you work with one of us, you work with all of us!

We're your trusted partner for your IT staffing and consulting needs, whether they are project or managed services oriented. Teklibrium prides itself by assembling a team to best satisfy recruits for contract, contract-to-hire, direct/permanent placement work and we customize our search based upon your company's unique needs. We strive to match the technical competencies and the solution required for the project's technical success required for the position, and the culture fit within the client's team.

Teklibrium finds the people best-suited for your business. That's the Teklibrium promise.